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Working at Begur & Partners

The steady growth and success of BEGUR & PARTNERS stems from our ability to attract talented individuals, and to retain and nurture them through every step of their career. As a Firm, we believe in enabling our team to do their best across diverse areas of law but being a specialist in their individual areas of expertise. We foster a culture of teamwork that rejects silos and encourages individuals to work across departments towards the goals set by the Firm. We have built an inclusive culture, where congenial relationships are maintained with colleagues. We also value the contribution/skills and knowledge that each lawyer brings to the table and also encourage teamwork to bind everyone together.

The Cornerstones of our Informal and Collegial working environment 


Our way of life reflects our work culture. We firmly believe in nurturing a culture conducive to the holistic personal and professional growth and development of the team, in turn translating into the firm’s success story. People are our true assets, and the firms= makes continuous endeavors to promote a work culture driven by DIVERSITY and EQUALITY of opportunities to foster development of the team. Attributing key importance to professional development of our lawyers, we conduct internal training and brainstorming sessions to help our lawyers sharpen their skills and attain full potential in the legal profession. We believe our culture aims to provide equal opportunity which enhances the experience and development of our lawyers and professional staff leading to career satisfaction.


BEGUR & PARTNERS’ success has direct co-relation to the quality, commitment and hard work of our team. Not only we look for good academic record, strong interpersonal skills, interest in the core practice areas and commitment, but also one’s ability to demonstrate excellent systematic and problem-solving ability. Integrity, adherence to professional ethics and values and commitment are the forerunners of our selection process.

BEGUR & PARTNERS over the past 25 years, has a proven track record of providing sound legal advice to some of the world’s most respected business houses. The collective experience of our team ensures that our clients always get outstanding service - the result of not just our knowledge of the domestic market and our legal expertise but also an understanding of our clients’ business objectives. Along the way, the firm has established a name for itself for its client-centric, responsive and collaborative approach.

Being preferred by marquee clients, our team of enthusiastic lawyers is exposed to enriching and extensive experience in handling complex and sophisticated transactions. In our relentless pursuit to help our client achieve the best pragmatic solution, we constantly look for inventive ways to effortlessly overcome the challenges of investing in the Indian market and beyond. Our dedication, collaborative approach and inclusiveness keeps us constantly on our toes and promote the culture of growth and ensures that our lawyers hone their personal and professional skills while with us.

Our informal and collegial working environment is designed to accommodate individuality. We encourage our lawyers to pursue their interests in diverse practice areas, giving them the breadth and richness of experience necessary for sound legal judgment and superior lawyering skills.

Diversity & Inclusion are Key to Healthy Businesses


Innovation and Group Performance

Reputation and Responsibility

Financial Performance

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